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A little bit about Isilien

a project full of creativity, and a lot of illusion…

Isilien, Custom Blythe Dolls and accesories

If I have stand out on something since she was little, it has been in creativity. I was always thinking about stories, drawing things, or doing different crafts. When when I get older, I leaved all that aside… although it has always been in me, and at different times in my life, I’ve regained that creativity a little, and I’ve did some things in isolation.

Some time ago, I discovered a dolls with big heads and huge eyes: the Blythes. They really caught my attention … They seemed to me to be cute and very expressive. I decided to custimize a Blythe… and I discovered that it was something that I was really passionate about and made me happy.

For this reason, I decided to create Isilien. And a dream was born, a project full of creativity, and a lot of illusion.

So If you like collecting these dolls as much as I like creating them, maybe you will find in Isilien a unique and special doll to add to your collection… or some nice accessory for your dolls…

My values ​​when I create...

dedication, detail and exclusivity

When I create my dolls, I like to give them the time they deserve. I prefer to do less, and be happy with the work done, than to do more, and that they don’t have the finish that I would like them to have (speed isn’t good, and even less so in art!). From the moment I start to create them in my imagination until they are completely finished, I like to take care of all the details, no matter how small. So, take for granted that if you decide to buy one of my “big heads”, she will be made with great care, and I will have put all my efforts to make her a worthy component of your collection.

In the same way, I also attach great importance to everything that surrounds the presentation of a doll. I like to be a retailer … who doesn’t like to receive a nice and well presented package?.

I also know that for a collector, it’s important that the piece that he adds to his collection is exclusive, and for me, it’s important not to repeat the design of any doll. They can look like each other, because, after all, they’re all made by me, and they have my style, but I will never make copies. They will always have different details, which make them unique and special.

Nor will I copy the work of other artists. I can be inspired by them, but I will always give it my personal touch, and create something different. It’s inevitable that sometime you will be able to make a doll that looks like the one that someone else has previously made, because from two different imaginations, something similar can come out… But I’m totally against copying anyone!.

The person behind isilien

I introduce myself!

Cartoon Isilien


that's my name

Creative, shy, calm, extremely sensitive, passionate, stubborn, and a perfectionist to the point of exhaustion… this is me!

Do you have any question?

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions that I answer in the following link. If after reading it, you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact form on the website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for a possible scoundrels: ⛔ DON’T USE MY TEXTS, OR MY PHOTOGRAPHS, please ⛔. I made them with my effort and I want them to be unique. Don’t use my work for your own benefit. Write your own texts and take your own photographs. Thank you.

Custom Blythe Dolls available

Do you prefer a doll with a gothic and dark touch, or a doll with a more childish and luminous style? In the store you can find dolls of both styles… all of them, very special and made with a lot of love!

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