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A doll made exclusively for you

Tell me how you want her to be, and I’ll take care of the rest!

The price of this service will depend on how difficult it’s to create your doll, and how long it takes. Contact me explaining what you have in mind (you can help me get a clearer idea, if you provide me with a photograph or drawing as an approximate example of what you are looking for), and I will make you a budget without any commitment.

The customization price will be paid in two to four installments (you decide the number). The first, before starting to customize the doll, and the last, when it’s finished, before sending it home.

The customization service includes:

  • Fake Blythe doll or original Blythe doll, at your choice.
  • Customization of faceplate, eyelids, backplate and body, with good quality materials.
  • Change of factory eyelashes for realistic ones.
  • Change of factory eyechips for four pairs of realistic and/or fantasy eyeschips.
  • Eyelid and gaze correction (elevation of both). And sleepy eyes.
  • Placement of piece on the neck, to give it greater mobility.
  • Brand new pullrings, made with good quality beads.
  • Complete outfit according to the doll.
  • Treatment, cutting and styling of hair.
  • Own design cardboard box and sevral surprise gifts.
  • Registered shipping


  • Before starting the customization, I will take note of what exactly you want. And throughout the process, I will inform you and show you progress, to make sure that the doll is to your liking.
  • It’s important that before starting to work on your doll, you’re clear about what you want. Once I have made a budget for you, and the creation process has begun, you won’t be able to make changes with respect to what was agreed at the beginning (unless I consider that these changes are minimal and don’t make a difference in the work I had planned in advance).
  • Once I start with your doll, it will take me about a month to finish making her. I always give each doll the time it deserves so that it has a good finish.
  • I WON’T MAKE COPIES OF OTHER ARTISTS WORK, as I’m completely against it. I can be inspired by some work that you show me, but I will always give it my personal touch, and create something different.
  • I WON’T REPRODUCE ANY OF MY PREVIOUS WORKS. I can do something similar, but I will always make a change so that all my dolls are unique and unrepeatable.
  • Nor will I do anything that I think is going to look bad. I will listen and take into account everything you ask of me, but I also ask you to trust me a little when creating your doll… I promise not to disappoint you!
  • From the moment in which a total or partial payment is made, the reimbursement of the same isn’t accepted.
  • When you make the first payment, we will sign a contract for the peace of mind of both parties.
  • The doll won’t be shipped to you until you pay the last installment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for a possible scoundrels: ⛔ DON’T USE MY TEXTS, OR MY PHOTOGRAPHS, please ⛔. I made them with my effort and I want them to be unique. Don’t use my work for your own benefit. Write your own texts and take your own photographs. Thank you.


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Ofelia, muñeca Blythe vampiro de pelo negro rizado y estilo gótico vintage
Rullidora (Spain)

(real opinion, taken from my Facebook page)

I recommend her 100%. I commissioned to Rocío, the wonderful artist behind Isilien Customs, a vampire custom blythe doll, and the experience has been extraordinary and very pleasant…
As a Client I have felt very pampered, the treatment has been very fluid, respectful and pleasant, she has paid a lot of attention to each of the ideas that I asked for my doll and not only that but by contributing her artistic vision she improved them. In the same way, it should be noted that I have loved the perfection with which she has carried out her work, the finishes are spectacular and I love her, she is beautiful. ¡And she has also come with an amazingly divine packaging, the best I have seen in so many years as I have been in the hobby!!. I can only thank her. And I tell her that I plan to repeat, because people like her make this hobby an unforgettable and extraordinary experience. ¡Thank you so much for all, artist!!
Elodie, Blythe customizada lolita gótica gesto pícaro
Rocío (Spain)

(real opinion, taken from my Facebook page)

If you are thinking of buying a custom Blythe doll, I highly recommend Isilien Custom Blythe Dolls. Apart from being a great artist with a lot of talent, she’s a charming person who from the first second listens to your ideas and captures them perfectly. Very communicative, she informs you of the whole process and consulting everything so that the doll is totally to your liking. He has very creative ideas and pays a lot of attention to all the smallest details. When you receive your doll, you will be delighted with the careful and elaborate packaging. I’m delighted with my Blythe customized by her and I¡m sure that I will order another one from her in the future.

Would you like to have one of my dolls made to your liking?

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